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All volunteer opportunities at Ultimate Destiny Uplifters Foundation are unpaid and self-supported (selfless). No compensation, stipends or financial benefits are provided.


The Ultimate Destiny Uplifters Foundation - Young African Volunteers' Course (UDUF-YAVC) is a continental skill acquisition and development course that is centered to promote youth Volunteerism in Africa. It's for every young person in Africa ( 18 to 45 years ) looking for an opportunity to share his or her skill, idea, time, wisdom, talent and expertise with other young people in a meaningful way.

This course aims to promote volunteerism as a means of bringing young African people together to share skills, knowledge, creativity and learning to build a more integrated, peaceful and united Continent.

It intends to positively strengthen and position the mind and status of young people in Africa as a major factor in Africa's reformation and development.

And also it aims to confect passion to serve, and sense of responsibility to everyone who participates.

The UDUF Young African Volunteers Course is consists of 4 sub courses namely:

Understanding Volunteerism and its Oustanding Benefits
Self Discovery and Character Development
Public Speaking Skills (Basics)
Project Management Basics

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