Get inspired! Transformed Africa

UDUF is a youth focused Non-Governmental Organization, registered in Nigeria

Who we are

Ultimate Destiny Uplifters Foundation (UDUF) is a movement that is centered in helping people to rise above mediocrity, actualize their aspirations, and fulfill their destiny. It provide capacity building opportunity to young business, political, religious and student leaders who has passion to serve humanity selflessly.

UDUF is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with Reg. No CAC/IT/NO 103111 on 15th day of November 2017


To become a sought after organization that would inspire a responsible and successful lifestyle0 among the youth in Africa.


Our mission is to actively be of service to others(The youths) by providing help, inspirational opportunities of living together, succeed, fulfill destiny and achieve positive social change in communities within developing and underdeveloped area or societies.


focused on helping young people (under 45yaers)living in Developing and under-developed area or society.

UDUF is set to inspire establish a balanced system both in leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship, Personal, Community and Country Development.


Conecting youth leaders ,shaping mind and transforming communities in Africa.

Faith Force

  • We believe in God.
  • We believe we are created to be powerful, productive, creative and innovative.
  • We believe we can make this world a better place to live.
  • We are ready to commit ourselves and resources to serve humanity selflessly.
  • We believe that service to our community is the best way of life.

    Aims and Objectives

    1. To provide training, mentoring, capacity building/skill acquisition opportunities to students, employed, underemployed, unemployed, and disabled youths; young business owners; political, traditional, and religious leaders with a passion to serve humanity and transform communities in Africa through conferences, seminars, and bootcamps.
    2. To strategically connect people who are interested in youth development, entrepreneurship, leadership, volunteerism, and community service.
    3. To provide free legal advice to young people to help them avoid future anxiety, mental poverty, early child marriage and labor, rape, abortion, terrorism, drug abuse, human trafficking, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, and to promote the education of young girls and boys.
    4. To champion SDGs and collaborate in youth capital and capacity building processes with primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, the United Nations, the African Union, and civil society organizations.
    5. To carry out activities consistent with the socioeconomic, political, academic and general advancement of people and the society.

    Core Values